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Exploring the Psychology of Creativity

Marc Mayer, Director and CEO of the National Gallery of Canada, and Dr. Jordan Peterson, Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto had the discussion of how our creativity can be understood in perspective of Psychology. How does Psychology help us to explore the concept of creativity of ours?

Everyday Creativity

When you think of creativity, you might come up with the famous figure, such as Leonardo da Vinci. However, creativity is not exclusive to the greatest artists or genius talnets. We all are capable of achieving creativity in our own way. Please read the article below!

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Creativity in Young Children

It is often the case that children amaze us by their own creaive ideas and presentations. How can we encourage children to be creative? What are barriers and drivers for children to develop their creativity? Please read below article, which describes how childeren develop creativity through early ages of 2 ~ 14 years old.

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